07 March 2010

Frills and High Heels

Hi, lovelies.

I moved (again).

Please visit: http://frillsandhighheels.blogspot.com/

See you there.


27 August 2009

I Hate LV!

Someone: Wow, Liza, I'm sure you are collecting LV bags.

Me: *raises eyebrows* No.

Someone: But why?

Me: Why not?

Someone: Oh, I am sure you have Chanel, Balenciaga or Gucci?

Me: Ugh! No!

Someone: But..

Me: You know what? I love handmade bags and those ideally made of faux leather from local boutiques.

Someone: *speechless*

I hate Louis Vuitton. Especially the monogrammed ones. Am I being blasphemous? Alright, hate is a very strong word. I would describe my feeling as apathy bordering disapproval.

I was never really into bags but Louis Vuitton makes me cringe. I find it outrageous (price-wise), ugly, overrated and common. Yes, you read that right: COMMON. Their bags were undeniably a novelty once upon a time. These days, almost everybody owns one (or more). Worse, people expect you to tote one around as well. They are no longer considered luxury, as they have become too generic.

To be fair, it's not only Louis Vuitton I dislike. I have no taste for extravagant things in general (except gadgets.. hehe!). I guess I have just been bombarded with a great deal of sickening "How many LV bags have you got?" questions, that's why I got fed up with the brand itself.

NOTE: This post is not meant to offend Louis Vuitton lovers. We all have different tastes and opinions. I come in peace.